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Liz Golding

Director – IlluminateUs &

Illuminate Management



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With over 30 years experience in the fashion, beauty and creative industry, Liz is a well known and highly respected professional in Queensland and Australia. Liz has an inimitable knowledge and insight into the fashion industry after working alongside top photographers and creative teams since starting her career as a model around 30 years ago. During her career, she has worked for over 25 years as a hair and makeup artist and a fashion stylist, working on shoots and fashion shows.


Most recently, Liz has been known for her role as Fashion Editor of U On Sunday Magazine for The Sunday Mail and her previous position at Q Weekend Magazine for The Courier Mail. Further, Liz was the past Styling Director of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane for it's first 10 years. Also Liz was the Styling Director of Brisbane Fashion Month for 2018-2019.  Her calm management skills, vast experience and exceptional creative mind are treasured by all privileged to work with her. In addition, she has an inimitable network of contacts throughout many sectors and has been involved with an vast number of fashion brands, editors, creatives and PR, events and marketing agencies in many different capacities through her multitude of roles.

In 2013, Liz Golding launched Queensland's first photographers’ management agency, Illuminate Management which has filled an enormous gap in the state’s expanding creative market. In early 2015, Illuminate Management began representing of Hair and Makeup artists, Fashion Stylists, expanding the already busy and successful agency. Newest addition IlluminateUs sees a powerhouse team of specialist professionals brought together by Liz Golding to deliver innovative and creative PR, Marketing, Digital and Events management to clients, in partnership with the dynamic creative and production services offered through co-agency Illuminate Management.

  • Creative Management

  • Client liaison

  • Production

  • Styling

  • Coordinating small to large scale fashion shows

  • Extensive industry contacts

  • Media contacts

  • Social media management and content creation

  • Re-Branding

Ella Golding

Digital and Social Media Management, Creative, Events

Ella Golding has a wealth of next-gen industry knowledge and experience after working across a variety of roles since beginning a career in the fashion and creative industries behind the scenes over 10 years ago. Previously a model booker and Head of New Faces and Development Division at Vivien’s Model Management, Ella has accumulated a variety of in-depth skills and key industry insight across her previous roles that allows her to draw from a vast bank of experience and perceptions.


Working at co-agency Illuminate Management for the last 3 years, she has helped grow the business with her marketing and talent management skills. Now in key partnership with director Liz Golding, Ella joined the PR, Marketing, Social & Digital space with IlluminateUs and has gathered key clientele with great success. She is an asset to any team or brand as her experience working across many different areas in the industry has allowed her to master a wide range of skills in business, fashion and creative discipline. Being a popular face in the local industry, Ella has an inimitable network of contacts that give her extensive PR opportunities and potential.


Ella is in high demand with clients for her fresh approach in content creation, social media management, events and PR with her graphic design, digital and creative skills allowing for endless creative production.  Her passion lies in social media, content creation, fashion, beauty, food & entertainment, networking, events and creative direction.

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  • Social Media Management and Campaigns

  • Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

  • Blogger and Influencer Relations

  • Content Creation & Photography

  • Production

  • Talent Management

  • Styling and Makeup

  • Event Management

  • Industry Relations

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